Some of the Services provided on the Website may be likely to have particular privacy policies that will amplify this general Privacy Policy or, just in case they differ from the “terms and condition” of this Privacy Policy, they will replace the present Privacy Policy. However, these additional private present Privacy Policy of our company manages the processing of your Personal data gathered through the use of the “services” we offer on our Website.

By entering our Website, you concede that after reading the Policy you fully agree with it. The Company, thus, endorses you to review the Privacy Policy Every now and then.

privacy policies should be accepted by the User before starting off the similar Service. Furthermore, access to the Website and its use are regulated by the Terms of Use of the Website.


The below-mentioned sections discourse the processing and collection of your personal information through any of the projects operated by TrendyTechPro Company, including their sections and subdomains.

1.Our Motive and Permitted basis of data we collect

Your all intimate data is processed for different purposes. Each processing is based on a permitted basis, among those set forth by the rules and regulations. We use the following basis:

  • Legal Agreement: In this, the law process requires and reveals certain data on the instance to certain organizations (for example, to the Tax Authority).
  • Implementation of a contract: The data strictly provides you our services or to command with what was negotiated with you.
  • Consent: You have given your unambiguous, well informed, and specific permission to the processing of your personal data aimed for a specific purpose.
  • Our Authorized interests: Providing you with your rights and interests to persuade with them.

The lawful bases of our data processing conveyed through our Website, in terms of the purposes for which we are using your data, are as follow:

When we collect personal data such as the IP address and other technical identifiers, we do it to assure the security of our Website, also to avoid swindles such as the unauthorized downloading of our images (above the maximum). Our legal basis is our valid engrossment in protecting the security that our systems are providing you and stopping the violation against our terms and conditions.

 When you register as a user (either for “premium” or for free), we request you your personal data that we needed for the completion and management of our legal contract with you.

When we commit a corporate negotiation with you if you are a “correspondent”, we request you for the personal data that is needed for the fulfillment and management of our legal contract.

We look for potential users who fit into the “criteria” concluded from the behavior acts of our registered users when we promote our products. In attracting new clients based on the know-how generated, our legal basis is our legitimate interests. Similarly, we may ask for your opinion or suggestions through satisfaction surveys, based on our valid interest to know your thoughts in order to enhance our products.

 We use cookies for the purposes set out in our Cookies Policy, we do it based on your previous agreement. You can easily reject or accept all our cookies or select them after reading in detail, through our cookie setting panel.

We offer you commercial information about products or services similar to those that you have already contracted for, also for those you have requested information for, by art, by the law of Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce (LSSI).

We will send you electronic commercial communications, Firstly if you have registered to any of our Services, Secondly you ask for information about our products through the forms on the Website. In any case, if you no longer want or not willing to receive such communications you can simply “Unsubscribe” from this list.

When you get in touch with us requesting information or support, we process your data in order to assist you, based on your agreement demonstrated in your own request.

When an applicant submits its application to join the TrendyTechPro Company, we process your personal information based on your consent, to evaluate your recruit.

In some cases, we are legally bound by different rules to process or to transfer certain personal data to different authorities. For instance, to the Tax Authority, or the law implementational authorities.

  1. Revelation of Data

TrendyTechPro does not transfer nor do they share collected personal data with third parties external to the company.

We only in some cases disclose the personal information of our Users to a third entity, when it is rigidly necessary for our Company to perform their functions and to obey the Terms of Use. We also share your personal information with other third parties to ensure command of appropriate laws, including.

  • Payment platforms, the companies, and banks involved in the transaction process, to promise you the fulfillment of the mandatory transactions.
  • The third parties that utilize advertising spaces on our Website, if you agree to the use of cookies ( you will get more information about these and other operations in our Cookies Policy).
  • Service providers, to manage systems and information technology
  • Lawyers, auditors, legal and accounting consultancy services, and financial institutions.

These services provided by third parties are essential for the development of TrendyTechPro business activity. The processing of personal data is subject to a contract that manages the duties of the data processor towards us(the data controller). Under no conditions will personal information be used for other purposes and it will be managed in command with our Company’s policy guidelines, their privacy policy, and the applicable data protection regulation.

In conformity with our faithfulness to your privacy and your data preservation rights, we solely choose only top leading service providers, the leaders in their respective sectors. You can request the list of providers that have approached your personal data, as well as the services provided by each one, through the email address provided in the exercise of rights section.

We commercially make full use of the advertising that is shown to you on our Website by third parties, and we do it through “cookies” and other same technologies, always with your existing consent, collected through the configuration panel of cookies that informs you of the different motives of data processing developed by the advertising companies.

You can search for the complete information in our Cookie Policy.

Our Website also includes plugins that authorize the User to perform actions on social sites of third parties such as Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook, like, for example, showing support to the site or sending a publication. These plugins are indicated with the corresponding social network logotype. If you accept these plugins, the content will be shifted to the corresponding social networking site. You can find this too in our Cookie Policy links to the privacy statements of these networks.

  1. For how long do we keep your data

We only process your personal data for a certain time, relying on individual cases.

  • In reference to the sending of commercial presents, your data will be processed for three years from the last you interacted with us.
  • We will store your CV for almost a period of one year from receipt.                
  • Your personal data will be stored while the committed relationship is still active in relation to the data necessary to provide contracted services, and will be blocked for five years more, until the period of six years (in regard to accounting information).
  • In relation to the dealing of the web through cookies, we mention you to the Cookies Policy where you will find all information on the tenacity or time period of our first-party cookies and links to larger information regarding third-party cookies.
  1. Data Security

We assure you that we have executed strong security controls to guard User’s personal information against loss, illegal access, declaration, misuse, or modifications. For instance, to protect your personal data, we use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology which is used during data transmittal. This means that there is an approved encryption procedure that is used for communication between your device and our servers, for as long as your browser supports SSL.

5.Rights of the User

Our company assures you the practice of rights demonstrated in our General Data Protection.

You can practice the rights mentioned below in the following ways: logging in to the User account by clicking on this link, or by messaging us at

Please note that our Company may require your identity to be verified before taking action on the request for the practice of rights.

You will have the following rights:

  • Information and exposure on how we process your personal information.
  • You have a right to request a copy of the information that we have with us, which will be provided to you within a month.
  • You have given a right of rectification in which you have a right to change or update the information we have if it is incorrect or faulty.
  • You will also have a right to limit processing, requesting us to stop processing your information while a complaint is being settled, among other cases.
  • You will get informed of decision procedures, including profiling.

In addition to that, when we process your private information based on your agreement or on our contractual relationship with you:

  • You have the right to request that we should delete personal data from our records. Through your profile section, you can perform this request at any time by closing your account permanently.
  • You have a right to reuse and obtain personal data for your personal uses.
  • Will have a right to reverse the consent at any time that was previously given to us related to your personal data.
  • Right to target the processing of personal data based on our legal interests maintaining circumstances based on your personal situation. You can withstand these treatments related to the sending of advertising through your own profile as well as in the registration form or by untamed the box entitled in the “Notification” section and also through any of the commercial communication we send to you.